what to ask when buying a second hand car

Buying your next car used, rather than new, can save you plenty of money as long as you know which questions to ask.

If you're buying a used car there are questions you should ask before the sale is made. Read on to find out what you need to know when buying a second-hand …

Purchasing a used vehicle can at first seem like an intimidating experience, but if you know the right questions to ask and have the right information at your …

Before buying a used car, you first have to ask the right questions to determine the car's ownership history and its current condition.

Buying a used car can marry excitement with dread. Here are the ten questions you should ask when checking out a used car.

Asking the right questions is vital when you're buying a used car. We show you how.

Considering modern cars are made to last for a long time, buying a used car can … Despite being a used car, the vehicle you are considering should be in good …

An essential list of questions to ask and items to check when viewing a used car. Learn how to spot if a car is stolen and check for clocked mileage.

To help you avoid the pitfalls of the second hand car market we've put together our top tips for buying a used car, including what to ask and check.